Benefits of New Windows

Benefits of New Windows

Replacing your old, drafty windows can bring in many benefits to you and your home. But the biggest challenge is the first step: finding the right window replacement contractor, as it is just as important as choosing the best replacement windows.

Here are some of the known benefits of installing high-performing and quality windows, and choosing a company like Apple Roofing to do the work for you:

Energy Cost Savings

Quality materials and innovative engineering help create a high-performance vinyl window. Great performing insulated windows ensure that extreme outdoor weather conditions are blocked from entering your home, affecting your heating and cooling system.

Sun Protection

Not only are our windows and patio doors designed with stunning architectural style, but they are also equipped with superior performing features and elements. The glass technology featured in our windows are microscopically thin coating is applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer, keep heat inside in the winter and reduce harmful UV rays.

Low Maintenance

Our featured designs will increase sustainability in your home’s maintenance and presentability. Not only do our windows have the best easy-to-clean features, but they are also worry-free and can be expected to stay intact for years and years. The sleekness and materials used in our quality windows and patio doors products not only contribute to less time spent cleaning, but they can also reduce the dust and allergens in your home.

Safety + Peace of Mind

High-performing windows are often installed with glass options that can greatly increase the safety and security of your beloved home. Our sleek and smooth tempered glass designs are less likely to cause injury when accidentally broken as it is designed to break into small granular chunks rather than shards that can splinter. The lamination on the glass also contains polymer interlayers that keep the glass together if in any case, it shatters, which offers more protection from potential intruders.

Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal” is the overall visual quality of a home’s exterior. It can only be attained when all the elements work together and cohere. Updating your windows can add more character to your home’s exterior, and achieving that curb appeal that you’ve always wanted is like a trophy for your careful deliberation on what colors, styles, and finishes will work best for your home’s geographical location. Here at Apple Roofing, we have the best understanding of what your home would need, in both the aesthetic and functionality.

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